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Redefining Freedom With Crohn’s Disease

When Ronna learned she’d need long-term nutritional support, Diplomat was there to provide answers and help.

“I got to know the people on a personal level. The nurses, the nutritionist, even the pharmacist — [I] knew them by their first name.”

— Ronna, Retired Physician & ThriveRx Consumer

Ronna, a retired physician with Crohn’s disease, began receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) intermittently in 2000. Years later, she got an unfortunate surprise.

“I thought it was going to be a short-term process,” Ronna said. “But … one day, I asked my physician [when I would stop this time], and he said, ‘I don’t think you will.’”

Despite her medical background, Ronna was apprehensive about long-term infusions.

“It was very overwhelming — how to use a pump and how to prepare the TPN prior to infusing,” she said. “It was very, very scary.”

Customer Service
When she joined Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group — and its nutrition division, ThriveRx — in 2010, Ronna was impressed with the attention she received. Her previous TPN providers did nothing more than deliver her medication.

"That was my relationship with those companies,” Ronna said.

But Diplomat was different.

“I got to know the people on a personal level,” she said. “The nurses, the nutritionist, even the pharmacist — [I] knew them by their first name.”

Ronna’s infusion nurse showed her how to use her TPN equipment to prevent IV line infections.

“[My nurse] is so personable and knowledgeable,” Ronna said. “I had a few line infections in the past, but once I started working with [my nurse], I have not had any since 2010.”

Maximize Health
Ronna learned how to manage her nutritional needs through ThriveRx’s Maximize Health home support program. “I [learned] how to manage eating and living around food. … I had not had any sort of education from the previous companies; this was totally new for me and just awesome,” Ronna said.

Besides preparing meals for her family, Ronna had disengaged from food. “Through the Maximize Health program, I learned what types of foods I should eat and which to avoid and how to hydrate myself,” Ronna said. “It gave me a type of freedom I didn’t have before around food.”

Newfound Freedom
Ronna’s success with ThriveRx has decreased her TPN cycle from seven days to five.

“It was freedom for me — two days of being able to leave the house and not have to worry about infusion times,” Ronna said. “Because of the support I’ve had through ThriveRx … [I’ve] resumed my life the way it was before I ever got sick, and I never thought that was possible.”

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