Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy® and Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group® are joining the Optum® family.

To learn more about what this means for you, visit our FAQ pages:

Specialty Pharmacy FAQ  •  Infusion Pharmacy FAQ

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Find the path to product success.

We help you at each step.

Diplomat provides comprehensive management of limited-distribution and exclusive specialty drugs. We unite dispensing excellence, clinical management, and payer access to drive patient success — evidenced by 94 percent adherence.1

With more than 40 years of specialty experience, we’ll help you position your product in the marketplace, keep patients adherent, and collect actionable data.

1. Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy Adherence Reporting, 2018. Average capped medication possession ratio. Includes patients with at least two fills and no 60-plus-day gaps between fills.

Our Services

Diplomat’s patient-centered approach drives manufacturer success.
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    Patient Support

    Help patients succeed on therapy. We coordinate with patients, providers, and payers through the entire treatment journey.

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    Centers of Excellence

    Drive adherence. Our specialists have detailed knowledge of multiple specialty conditions and treatments.

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    Reporting & Analytics

    Refine your patient experience. We capture actionable data for iterative improvement.

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    Custom Education

    Ensure proper medication use. We can develop drug- and condition-specific education materials for patients, providers, and caregivers.

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    Clinical Innovation

    Differentiate your products and services. Partner with our interdisciplinary team to define, design, and implement innovative programs to support real-world, clinical patient outcomes.

Deliver innovation.

EnvoyHealth provides next-level hub services.

Diplomat subsidiary EnvoyHealth offers fee-for-service specialty solutions for patient access, noncommercial pharmacy, digital health, and more. Contact Diplomat’s Industry Relations team for more information.