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Put yourself ahead of specialty trends.

Our pipeline report delivers actionable data on new therapies.

Diplomat’s pipeline report gives our payer clients early notice of potentially game-changing therapies. With each report’s specialty-market intelligence about trend impact and pipeline innovation, you have the tools to plan effectively for upcoming specialty trends.

Each report contains write-ups for pipeline drugs expected to be approved soon, as well as recently approved drugs. Convenient tables detail specialty products that might be approved within the next year.

Our pipeline reports are released quarterly. To download a sample report and sign up to receive future reports, click the “Download Pipeline Reports” button below.

Download pipeline reports
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Manage the continuum of specialty care.

Diplomat is an integrated-benefit solution.

By 2022, half of U.S. drug spend will be for specialty medications.1 The medical benefit accounts for 45% of commercial specialty spend.2 Diplomat's unique, comprehensive specialty solutions help you manage trend and optimize outcomes across the pharmacy and medical benefits.

Our collaborative approach tailors specialty management to your plan design, with site-of-care redirection and channel management to control costs. We capture real-world clinical data with patient-reported outcomes.

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Ensure quality care for your members.

Diplomat always puts patients first. For more than 40 years, Diplomat has helped patients through their treatment experience. Our personal patient support ensures effective clinical management and appropriate utilization. Our proprietary adherence tools, such as our CarePak™ adherence packaging and Care Kits for side-effect management, help patients adhere to treatment.

Our Services

Find solutions for cost optimization, member satisfaction, and specialty trend.
  • Cost Control

    Cost Control

    We deliver pipeline forecasting, budget impact modeling, and benefit cost-driver assessments.

  • LDD Icon

    Extensive LDD Access

    Diplomat has access to more than 125 truly limited-panel, limited-distribution drugs, with tailored wrap services to fill gaps in care.

  • Financial Assist

    Financial Assistance

    Diplomat maximizes financial assistance, helping your members find third-party programs that work with your plan design.

  • Split Fill

    Customized Split-Fill Program

    Our split-fill program — including more than 65 medications — expands with pipeline-impacting treatments to avoid waste as therapies evolve.

  • National Reach

    National Reach

    We ship to all U.S. states and territories, with the logistics to ensure patients get their medication when and where they need it.

  • Shipping Icon

    No Auto-Shipping

    We call patients before every refill to confirm need. In 2018, we prevented $190 million in drug wastage by not auto-shipping and actively engaging patients in their treatments.3

  • Biosimilar Management

    Biosimilar Management

    Diplomat’s innovative biosimilar programs leverage prescriber education with provider-facing teams, patient education with clinical management, and strategic pipeline support.

    Overall Satisfaction (0 — 100%)4

    Overall Patient Rate  Overall Provider Rate

    Net Promoter Score (-100 — 100)5

    Net Patient Score  Net Provider Score
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Health Plans

Diplomat optimizes costs across benefits. With extensive experience with specialty and infusion drugs, we manage both the pharmacy and medical benefits seamlessly — driving therapeutic cost management and optimizing value.

Our care-management programs help avoid waste, including our split-fill program that expands to include significant new treatments in the pipeline.
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Employers & Unions

Diplomat helps reduce absenteeism and control treatment cost.

Each year, absenteeism costs U.S. businesses more than $1,600 per employee.6 Diplomat helps keep your participants on the job with proprietary tools to help them adhere to treatment. The specialists in our Centers of Excellence coordinate patients’ care to meet their treatment needs efficiently — and drive 98 percent overall patient satisfaction.7

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Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Diplomat’s tailored wrap services optimize costs. Diplomat helps you control specialty medication costs. We can provide wrap services for more than 125 limited-distribution drugs, with comprehensive clinical management and trend forecasting to eliminate stockpiling and drive adherence.

We also support our PBM partners’ proposal efforts, leveraging 40-plus years of specialty-pharmacy knowledge to drive proposal success.


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