Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy® and Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group® are joining the Optum® family.

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Boy sitting at a picnic table reading a book while using his TPN therapy backpack from ThriveRx

Tailored TPN Support

Our ThriveRx team helps you succeed.

Our Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists help you manage total parenteral and enteral nutrition in your home. Our tailored TPN support includes:

  • TPN dispensing and in-home assistance
  • Programs to help you achieve you nutrition goals
  • Education, tools, and guidance about your condition and treatment
  • Access to nutrition-support experts
  • Connections to others who use TPN
  • TPN support products designed to make your every life easier

These nutrition-support services are provided by ThriveRx, a division of Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group.

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