Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy® and Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group® are joining the Optum® family.

To learn more about what this means for you, visit our FAQ pages:

Specialty Pharmacy FAQ  •  Infusion Pharmacy FAQ

Financial Assistance

We’ll look for ways to help you afford therapy.

Specialty medications can be expensive. But we’re here to help! We’ll seek financial assistance on your behalf.

Is your medication infused? Visit our infusion financial assistance form.

Diplomat will find out if you qualify for third-party financial assistance based on your prescription, insurance, and finances. Then we’ll lead the financial aid application process, helping you from start to finish.

Assistance can come from many sources — including manufacturer copay programs, 501(c)(3) foundations, and patient assistance programs.

If you need help paying for medical treatment, just complete the form to the right. We’ll contact you to get started.


Financial Support for Medicare & Medicaid

We understand the unique challenges.

Medicare and Medicaid have special rules about patient financial assistance. We’re experienced with these requirements, and we’ll help you seek support that meets them.

And remember: Many patients with Medicare or Medicaid are not limited to the pharmacy on their insurance card. At your request, Diplomat can often fill your prescription.

Learn how we help Medicare and Medicaid patients.