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Challenging the Limitations of Crohn’s Disease

After living with Crohn's disease for 18 years, Dave needed nutritional support. Diplomat helped him thrive.

“It really is a family. You are an individual and not a number."

— Dave, Runner & ThriveRx Consumer

Dave woke from a coma with only 20 inches of small bowel. After maintaining an active lifestyle with Crohn’s disease for 18 years, he would need total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

“It was a big lifestyle change for not only myself but also my wife,” Dave said. “I had to learn a whole set of medical sterile techniques to infuse my TPN. It was overwhelming.”

Customer Service
Having worked with other providers, Dave has been impressed with ThriveRx, the nutrition division of Diplomat.

“[Diplomat] is much more than a company that delivers medical supplies,” Dave said. “It really is a family. You are an individual and not a number, which I believe, as a consumer, is extremely important. Everybody has different needs on TPN, and they take that into consideration. They allow me to live life to the fullest.”

When he vacationed to Alaska with his wife, Stacey, Diplomat made sure Dave received his TPN.

“They had the medication there for us before we arrived,” Stacey said. “How unbelievable is that? Not to have to worry about it … it was like magic.”

Maximize Health
Dave has found Maximize Health, a home support program provided by ThriveRx, helpful in managing his diet.

“ThriveRx offers on-call dietitians for their consumers,” Dave said. “[There are] programs in place that would allow you to learn and better understand what combinations of foods to eat and how to stay hydrated throughout the day.”

Dave is thankful for the nutrition education ThriveRx provides.

“It’s a resource that is invaluable to the consumer, and someone is always available to answer questions,” Dave said.

Embracing an Active Lifestyle
Despite his short bowel syndrome and TPN needs, Dave remains active. With approval from his doctors, he completed a half-marathon.

“When I finished the race, I was met by my nurses from ThriveRx,” Dave said. “They were cheering me on. Some people think they cannot work or join in physical activities, but … as a TPN consumer … it is possible. This is not a death sentence. I think if you educate yourself and apply that to your day-to-day living, you can … live a long life.”

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