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Maintaining Balance With Multiple Sclerosis

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Bethany retired. Diplomat helped her adjust to a new normal.

“To have Diplomat there on the other line supporting me and listening to me — it gives me a sense of relief that I need.”

— Bethany, Photographer & Diplomat Patient

Bethany was about 10 years old when her parents first taught her to process negatives. She rediscovered her passion for photography in college, and it soon became something she could share with her daughter. The two would spend afternoons finding ways to make the ordinary extraordinary.

“I appreciate the details in life, and my photography is an extension of that,” Bethany said.

Her positive outlook and ability to appreciate the little things helped her through one of her most challenging experiences: an unexpected diagnosis.

One fateful morning, Bethany woke up and couldn’t feel her foot.

“I knew something was wrong.”

She went to work and tried to forget about it, but her symptoms got worse. By the end of the week, she couldn’t walk or feel anything below her waist.

After being shuttled from doctor to doctor for weeks with no clear diagnosis, Bethany had had enough. She demanded an MRI. After another week of testing, she was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

While some people would have been thrown off by such a diagnosis, Bethany wasn’t. She concentrated on her treatment and focused on small wins.

“I started every day just focusing on putting my feet on the ground, taking every day one at a time and giving myself little goals to accomplish. It would be something as simple as putting socks on so that I could get accustomed to that feeling and work through the pain that was on the bottoms of my feet.”

Together with her daughter, Bethany has refused to let negatives bring her down. Rather, she has used her diagnosis to refocus the lens through which she views her life.

“That awakening that, ‘Hey, I need to focus on my happiness. I need to appreciate everything that’s around me much more’ — that awareness came from my MS diagnosis.”

Maintaining a career, spending time with her daughter and managing her MS treatment, Bethany had plenty to worry about. So when the risk of losing access to her medication arose, she had to find help quickly. Thankfully, Diplomat connected her with the services she needed most.

“There was a period of two months where I had no insurance. I ended up calling Diplomat and told them my situation. They worked with my pharmaceutical company to provide me my medication.”

Diplomat acted fast, working with Bethany to secure her medication. She feels at ease knowing she has such a reliable support system.

“It gives me peace of mind. And I can relax knowing that I’m taken care of.”

Together with her family and her daughter, Bethany is looking forward to whatever comes next. With an eye focused on what matters and a hopeful spirit, there is nothing she can’t tackle.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I’m actually excited about the future.”

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